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                        Heading North.

                       Mon. 22nd Aug.

Got a week to get to Calais so travel steady. Drove up through nice countryside, did some shopping at Bar-sur-Seine and got some diesel and then on to The Lac d' Orient not far from Troyes. Stayed at Mesnil-st-Pere.

Although lakes it was a sort of seaside place. lots of noisy folk, the parking was free but not an aire. I think the services were at the camp site close by.Went for a nice walk along the 'beach' in the evening.

                        Tues. 23rd Aug.

Onwards and upwards. Drove past another lake and stopped for cuppa and photos.

Didn't write  the name of this down. Will find info later and add.Stopped for the night at Chavanges

                          Wed. 24th Aug.

Drove from the Aire into town and parked opposite the church next to Info centre.Got a new Carte Toristique for the area then wandered around the Ville but didn't hang about as it was raining quite hard.Pity really because it was a very pretty town and worth longer.

It all started off o.k. went through the Montagne-de-Reims Very hilly but pretty area, on to Laon  but no Aires so on towards St. Quentin, no not in America, then got a bit lost,,maybe it was drove and drove until we got to Domart-sur-la-Luce on the Noyon/Amiens road. Stayed in a noisy carpark. Can't win them all.   Distance for day 330 Kms.

                       Thurs. 25 Aug.

Drove on up through Arras and Montreuil and stopped somewhere near Fruges. Nice quiet Ville car park.

                           Fri. 26th Aug.

On to Calais, parked in central car park and wandered around for an hour. Quite a nice town really but too near England to be French. You've got to travel a few miles to be really in France.Which is what we have done in this last 4 months. Total mileage for journey 6895 miles. Diesel 235 Gallons.Total cost of overnight parking and on board water £25-00. Drinking water, we buy bottled in England as well as France. Hope you have enjoyed this journey, obviously not as much as we did because we were there but if you get a motorhome, Europe if not the world is open and waiting.See you in France