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As I go through this tour, I will be adding little snippets of information that come into my head. Sometimes they are relevant to what I am talking about at the time, at other times something that just pops up. To start, about Aires. Anybody who has done motorhoming will be aware of the Aire de camping car, but some folk might think they are just the big service areas on motorways. Far from it. There are thousands of these, not only in France but all over Europe except England. Why we can't supply them is beyond me. You can find the Aires (which are solely for the use of camping cars.) in, Cities, towns and the smallest of villages. On the most part, totally free which includes, parking overnight, disposal of grey and black water and filling up of your fresh water tank, the latter sometimes has to be paid for, sometimes with a token which you get from a shop nearby, price approx 2 euros and sometimes just a euro coin. The idea of the Aires is to encourage you to use the towns facilities while you are there. As you drive into the ville you will probably see the sign below, but not always.This is placed on the edge of the ville to let you know there is an Aire in town. You just have to find it. Not always easy but usually in the best part of town.

 A better way to find them is to get one of the many books that are available which list thousands of them. The one we use, which is French but doesn't take a lot to understand it, is the green one which is called Le Guide Official 'Aires de Services Camping-Car.We prefer this to the English one as the last time we bought the English version it didn't have anything like the amount of Aires as the French one. Maybe it has improved. A useful site on the internet is this one. Where I think you can get a DVD with all the sites on. It says they are in English and French  but the one we have has only the intro in English, but once you get the gist of what they are saying, quite OK.




 Drove on in the afternoon along the D 920 to Conty, Dept.80  North of Beauvais. Stayed on an Aire.

                                                                                               69 Kms.




        Sun. 3rd June - Evening.


Cant say that this is a typical Aire because they are all different. Sometimes catering for dozens of vans, sometimes just one or two. Although there were lots of vans at this Aire it was very quiet.

We just stayed the night and then travelled on the next day after doing some shopping.




                      Monday 4th June 

Down the D1001 Bretuil, then along D 930 to Roye, D934 to Noyon,D1032 to Chauny, sometimes we just drive and enjoy the scenery, which we can't get properly on photographs, it has to be seen in the real light of day. On a smaller road, the D7 to a hilltop Ville,  St-Gobain, where we found a large car park just off the centre, and stayed the night.

                                                                                                                                               128 Kms

                   Tuesday 5th June. 

Being on the side of the road there was a bit of traffic in the morning but a very peaceful night. Wandered down into the village where we saw the chuch but couldn't get in and the rest of the ville  not too inspiring

 So back to Archie and on the road. Carried on the D7 to Laon which looked interesting so parked just before the centre and walked up the steps to the ville.

If you park out of town by the railway station this tram or whatever they call it goes up the hill to the centre. 

   Some people do anything for attention. 

After our visit to Laon we drove down the N2  towards Soissons then right onto theD14  into the countryside to Coucy-le-Chateau-Auffrique. Dept 02. A brand new Aire that wasn't quite finished but open and Gratuit (free.) except for the water which you had to pay for. Here we stayed the night.      

                                                                                                                  58 Kms.

               The Aire at Coucy with a view of the old Chateau in the background.

                        Wed. 6th June 

Nice day, 42nd wedding anniversary so went for walk up to old chateau. Although not open to public inside, you can walk all around the outside after you have walked up the hill. Well worth the effort.

                                                                                       Nice views as well. 

                                                                 Some of the residents 

                               le Billet, sil vous plait 

                                                      One last picture! 

Had a nice walk, then  lunch and drove on to next location. Short drive through the sticks then down the D1 to Soissons. we found the aire on the side of the river but free parking is over the river alongside some big silos. Lovely spot and well within walking distance to centre.                                                         36 Kms

  Camper van parking at Soissons.The Vidange (grey and black water emptying ) is directly opposite on other side of river.

           The swans of Soissons.   Try saying that after a few beers  

                                                                Parking area with silos.

 Went out for a meal for our wedding anniversary, couldn't find anything very nice ended up with a pizza but will find something else later in the week.

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