Polly & Micks  G.V. 2012   
                           Page Twenty.

                   Church and window ok but the interest here is
                                on the outside of town.

 After a nice wander around the ville and site we

travelled on Northwest to Sauveterre-de-Bearne quite nice but nothing amazing.  Where we stopped for the night.

                                                                    126 Kms


                       Tuesday 31st July
The parking for campers was just off the main road, the vidange was back up the road in picture abov and across the other side. All free at time of visit.
Wandered around the Ville, looked like some nice river walks but not over impressed with town.

                                Nice church with interesting bits inside.

 Weather very hot again. Drove on Southwest on D933 for a few Kms and stopped at St.-Palais. The countryside all around this area is ideal for walkers if that is what you do.

                                         If nothing else there is always a nice church in town.
                                     Now that's what you call an organ
Bless you.
After a nice break and wander we drove on down the D933 to St.-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Which was our stop point for the day
                                                                 48 Kms.                                                             

Quite large Aire in town but full. So parked in this
area used by others. Able to use free vidange in Aire