Polly & Micks G.V.  2012 
                     Page Twenty Nine

                        Friday 17 August.

 After a wander around yesterday afternoon and a very quiet night felt it was such a nice place that we would have a day wandering around enjoying the ambience and stay a second night.

    Views from our park, to the right with  church in the 

   background and below, to the left with castle at the top.

 One thing you will notice about this town is

that it is built on the side of a hill so there

are some steep streets to negotiate. Not as

steep as Rocamadour, that clings to the side

of the mountain,but still quite a pull if you

want the views from the top of town.

Apologies to anyone who doesn't like churches they are like a magnet to me.
                       On the right of the picture attached to the building just below the   Boulangerie sign is the  information board for the tourist office. These places are a valuable source of info not only for the Ville you are in but they also supply Carte touristique maps which tell all about places in the area.

    Life is a bit slower in France

                                                                        Inside the castle

Most guided tours in France, unless it's a handheld walkie-talkie, are in French but you usually get a card in English giving you a general idea for each room.

                                                     There is some comfort.

                                       On our way back down to Archie.

      Always look around,

 With the evening you get different picture opportunities.

            And when it's really dark.... Night-night