Polly & Micks G.V. 2012

                    Page Twenty Five.

   The road around the lake is called  The Cirque de Mallet.

                Bottom right was a sort of seaside place

                where a lot of people came for a paddle.

     'and even they neeeded looking after.

             When taking pictures of landscapes always inlude a

            person, gives a better idea of size and this was huge.

Don't forget to look around for other angles

 Come the evening and there's different views

'and behind us on the other side of the road was the pub. Which is a very good place to say goodnight.

                 Sunday 12th August

Another bright day.  Just getting ourselves sorted when it started getting busy on the road and a huge bike race came through. There must have been up to a thousand riders.
                 It went on for quite a long time. Quite spread out.
                 Not sure what it was for but when we drove on
                 back to St-Flour there were a lot of folk out
                 watching the final stages

 When we were sure that all bikers and support workers had gone through we hit the road again, following the D13 Southwest through Fridefont and on to Chaudes-Aigues where we turned North onto the D921 back to St-Flour. Stopped there for lunch then East on the D990 To Langeac. The road from St-Flour to Langeac very nice with lots of scenery. We stopped in a layby just above Langeac.

                                                                                 151 Kms

                    And lo, if you stop and look around,

                    there are many beauties to be found.

                                                                                                                           Mick Hill, 2013