Polly & Micks G.V. 2012 
                     Page Twenty Eight

              Wednesday 15th August

 Cometh the dawn cometh another lovely day. Bright sunshine. Lots of vans here but nice and quiet. Next to main road but not disturbing. Drove out of town across the river then N.N.West through the Allier gorge on D16 to Auzon, then east along D5 & D588 (awesome views) stopped for cuppa and wander at Laval-sur-Doulon.

       Pretty church, 

         of course.

      Another way of presenting the Stations of the Cross

                            Sort of where we are.

  After a nice break onto  la-Chaise-Dieu where we stopped again for pics.


       No! Not Harry Potter that's at Lacock Abbey.

 Then onto main road, D906 north through Arlanc to Ambert then east on D996 for couple Kms where we stopped for the Night. Just a large layby on top of a hill. Ho-hum it's a hard life.

     Lovely road up over the hill and lovely spot to

                          spend the night.

                 Thursday 16th August

 On East to St-Antheme  where we filled up with water then on to Montbrison, stopped for a break and quick look around.

       Church was OK but not too impressed with the town.

                  Sums the place up really. Has potential

                         but not really presented well.

  We then made a sharp left turn and went North west towards Noiretable  up the D69 and D101. Road numbers change for no apparent reason in France. Depends which Dept. you are in I think. Stopped for views at St-Bonnet le-Courreau.

 Then on again to Chalmazel, a very pretty ville in the hills, where we stopped for the night.

                                                                                                                                        95 Kms

That's us at the bottom of town by the cemetry and footy ground.