Polly & Micks G.V. 2012  
                            Page Thirty.

                  Saturday 18th August.

In the hills the evenings are cooler but come the morning it's red hot again. Oh well just have to live with it. Hear it's a bit damp in England.

                               If anybody enjoys hill walking this area is a blast. I assume there is accomadation here. Really nice place.

                           Continued Northwest on the D110 to Noiretable, then straight on along D1089 to Chabreloche and stopped to look at a church, don't seem to have pic of the outside though.

                                 Different stations.

 Drove on west along D1089 to just before la-Monnerie-le-Montel, then north up D207 through Palladuc to a nice Aire in the middle of town at le-Mayet-de-Montagne. Where we stopped for the night.


                                                                             79 kms

 The photos of the car park/ Aire seem to have gone walkabout, so this is the best I can offer. Photo taken on top of church steps.

                           Lots of nice windows. Just a couple here.

 In the background where we parked when we arrived but after our walkabout we found the proper Aire/carpark.

 The church as always pretty impressive, the town fairly French ordinary. The shop windows are usually nicely done though.

                 Sunday 19th August

 Got very busy in the carpark in the morning. Very popular street market in town but by the time we had wandered and had a cuppa the morning was going on and the cars dissappeared. So off we went up the road for a few Kms to Chatel-Montagne, a pretty Ville with an impressive church where we stopped for lunch and photoshoot.

 Yet another way of 

    presenting the

Stations of the cross

     One thing in France, they know

  how to build big.

 After a nice break we then drove on West through Vichy on D27 to Saulzet then Northwest on D42 to Fourilles-Chantelle, Northeast on D987 to St.-Pourcain-sur-Sioule onto main road D46 (we try to avoid main roads, the smaller ones are much more interesting) continue on D46 for a few more Kms. till you come to Pont-de-Chazeuil over the huge river Allier, you can't miss it. Immediately at the other end of the bridge turn left onto a track which takes you down by the side of the bridge to a nice spot alongside the river. Where we stopped for the night.

                                                                                                                             97 Kms

               This is how you see it on Google maps

 Where we parked

and how we enjoy it

 One slight annoyance was a joint in the road

 where it met the bridge and when it was hit

 by lorries there was a loud bump.

           Still, when in Rome!

As with any stretch of water in France there were

quite a lot of people swimming and enjoying the place

but as the evening went on they went home and it was

left to us and a couple of other campers to enjoy.