Polly & Micks G.V. 2012

                      Page Thirty-One

                 Monday 20th August.

 Lots of thunder but not much rain. Continued to the end of the D46 and turned right onto N7 and drove East to Lapalisse where we knew there was an Aire.Down the main street past Tourist info, turn right and it's a large Aire and car park next to the river and council yard. Very busy with campers but quiet. Nice place.

                                                                                                                      27 Kms

 If you walk to the bottom of the Aire you come to this bridge.When walking away from Aire turn right, follow the twisty uphill lane and you come to the Chateau and church

 You might even meet this lovely person.

Just to the right of the church going up the hill is

the entrance to the Chateau. Didn't visit inside,

can't remember why. The chateau dominates the

skyline of the Ville when down in the high street.


 In the shop windows on

the corner of the street

are pictures of how it was

           And this is how it is.

 Today is Pollys birthday so we went up to the left of the church to the Hotel de Bourbanaise for an evening meal and jolly nice it was too. Even if a bottle of water cost an arm and a leg.

                                         Very busy chappie.

 After a very enjoyable evening walked back to Archie.       


                Tuesday 21st August.

 One of the householders babies on the side of the park.

 Travelling North now on D205 which turns into D480, turn right along D989 into Jaligny-sur-Besbre to a nice Aire on the side of the river Besbre.

                                                                                                                              24 Kms

Quite impressive, 

 privately owned.

                                   Oh look, a church.

 Has to be the most played ball game in France.

          Nice Ville, free Aire but pay for

          water. Machine wasn't working so

          we got water from tap on outside

          of toilets.