Polly & Micks G.V. 2012
                        Page Sixteen

                    Thursday 26th July

                                      Still very hot.

                        Nice spot. road not very busy.
              Look up
             Look down.
Wassicks are the same in any                    langauge.
                    Being a bit silly.

 Still very hot. Drove back down to the Abbey and parked. Went in and wandered around. Not so impressive as the Chateau that we visited yesterday.

                Quite a big place.

 Looking back on the photos, not too bad but after the Chateau a bit of a letdown. Moved on back up to the main road, turn left to Bagneres-de-Bigorre and left again onto D935 through Campan then D918  to a very large car park on the right just below la Mongie, and that is tomorrows story.

                                                                           39 Kms

              When we arrived there was a concrete lorry
              loading a skip under a helicopter and he was
              taking it up over the horizon somewhere.
              Don't know what they were building but it
              was an awful lot of concrete.

                 Looking down from the car park.
                                         Looking up at the car park.
    The locals are always  
       interested in you.

Fairly well up the mountain but nothing compared to where we'll be tomorrow. Wow.
                         Evening coming in and with it a drop of rain.
                        Friday 27th July.

 Very nice official spot to stay but facilities a little lacking. And no

fresh water.

                             Definitely a ski town.