Polly and Micks G.V. 2012
                         Page Fifeteen.

Very quiet spot. A few vans there though. Ideal for
night stop.
                    Tuesday 24th July
On to N21 South to Auch, very busy unable to stop so continued southwest down N21 towards Tarbes and stopped about halfway at the aire at Mielan for lunch but then decided that as a bit tired we would stop here. Still in
Dept. 32. Just off the main road on the left as you go into the Ville. Aire and water all gratuit.

Nice clean tidy Aire, bit busy on the road but not bad enough to be disturbing. As we arrived at lunch time we wandered down into the ville in the afternoon. The Aire is on the edge of the Ville so not far to walk.
                                            Keep looking around.
Quite a pretty town. Not somewhere I would go especially though.
                 Wednesday 25th July
Very hot night. Bright sunny morning. Travelled on down the N21 to Tarbes then East to Tournay then Southwest down D20  for a few Kms to just past Cieutat, then left to Mauvezin where we had read about a Chateau on one of the Carte Touristiques that you can pick up at the tourist info places.You usually have to ask for these as they don't seem to be lying around and are full of places to visit in the Dept. that you are in at the time.This looked interesting.Turned out to be very interesting and really is worth a visit.The journey from Cieutat to the Chateau is a lovely winding road down through some woods, past the abbey on the left which we visited later but not so impressive then up a hill to the Chateau on the top
Not the most picturesque  exterior but gets better as you go inside.
As we are now getting near the bottom end of France the views are becoming more panoramic as we get closer to the Pyrenees.

For such an interesting place, the price of a ticket at 6 euro is pretty good, but whatever you do, make sure you buy one.

When you go in you enter the courtyard
 or whatever the posh name is for it.
 In here are scaled down copies of war
 machines with info boards attached.
If you can't throw stones at them, use gunpowder. That'll do it.
                      but open the window first.
                 Need a good eye for this one
This is the outside bits but there being several rooms, a lot more of interest is still there.
Twer a bit draughty in
they days.

                   Views all round are quite impressive
              Even the employees 
                       blend in.

All in all a very pleasant and interesting visit.We then drove back down the hill, and just past the Abbey on our way in we saw a large layby which we drove into and parked for the night. If you can't find an aire in the area laybys are always acceptable for overnight stays and you can always find an Aire next day on the road to do your blues and greys.