Polly & Micks  G.V. 2012   
                          Page Eighteen.

 Aire for Lourdes. Off centre but not far to walk. 10 Euro a night plus 5 Euro for water.

                                                                                                                                50 Kms.

           Nice walk into town over the bridge, turn right      
                               then follow the river.

Then it hits you or you hit it. Every inch of space
selling bling and candles and stuff.

                               Where to find stuff.

     Let the razzamatazz start. I think the only thing
                    missing was nuns with pom-poms

Once you get past the bling, candles and ignore the razzamatazz the actual church and the surroundings are pretty impressive, but at what price.
After parading through town from the hotels the wheelchairs line up in their thousands for a walk past.
                  Beneath, lies the famous grotto.
Lots of large statues around the edge of the stadium.
'but seeing this......
                                                           and this.......

I think this one sums it up the best.

 I am not religious, but if I had a terminal illness and wanted to find a cure or make my peace, this would not be the place I would come to and I am sure many people who do come here must feel dissapointed and exploited. A more serene place for pilgrimage that me and Polly visit every time we are out here is Mont-St-Odile in the Alsace. If there is a God on earth that is where you will meet him.     Not at Lourdes.

                      Sunday 29th July.
Had a wander along the river then back to Archie and hit the road. Out of Lourdes onto the D937 North-west towards Pau, with the idea of maybe going into Spain at the coastal border. A few Kms along the road we came to Lestelle-Betharram with a pretty church and buildings on the side of the road and by a nice river. Seeing a nice large parking area we stopped to have a look and found an amazing place that exceeded all expectation.