Polly & Micks G.v. 2012 
                              Page Eight.

Didn't fancy an early 'skip call' again and wanted to get to Venice so did late drive, headed due east to the coast towards Chioggia then North up to a campsite on the mainland opposite Venice called Fusina. We have arrived.
                                                                                                                              111 Kms
That's venice in the background.          Looking into the site.
When heading for Venice we didn't plan where we were going to stay and the reason for picking Fusina was that it picked us. On our way up the coast road from Chioggia towards Venice there were signs on the side of the road for the Fusina campsite and directions all the way. So rather than drive around trying to choose we just went for it. Probably there are less expensive (30-00 euros a night with electric) and maybe quieter ones if you know where to look but our holidays are based on find it when you get there which in a motorhome is not too difficult. Although the campsite was clean and well presented it not only had M/homes, caravans and tents but lodgings as well which seem to cater for 18/20 age groups who came alive at midnight and kept going all night.We were advised on entry that the best place was on the waterside where we parked so that we were away from the bar but I would think they could have heard the noise in Venice. End of moan.

You did occasionly get one of these as well, but wherever you stayed along the water would be the same.

                           Looking forward to tomorrow
                    Thurs. 28th June.
To catch the boat to Venice you just walk out of the campsite, go to your left for a couple hundred yards and there you are. Boats run every hour for most of the day,  
last one back about nine in the evening.

                     This is on the mainland so campsites less likely
                     the further along the road you go.

This is where you land and embark for your journey back.

             From now on it just got hotter and hotter

                                 Inside the building above.
       Arrive near St. Mary of the Rosary 
 head north-east to the Academia bridge.

When you walk over this bridge you will see dozens of small padlocks attached. These are love tokens put there by I assume the students for one another.
When walking over Pont de l'accadémia which is the first of four bridges that scan the grand Canal you start seeing the real beauty of Venice. Contrary to popular belief the canals do not smell and we were there when it was hot. We asked one of the locals if they do ever smell and he said only when it gets very hot. I didn't think it could get much hotter. We were melting and by the end of the day we were legless.
                            It's not all water.
                                      'but that's where the beauty is.
     So what better way to see it than on a Gondola.
My most enduring memory of Venice. Our own private Gondolier. Bit expensive but wouldn't have missed it
for the world.

                                      Pont di Rialto
And now after a lovely boat ride, find lunch.
And very nice it was. Not at all expensive seeing we were on the side of the Grand Canal by the Pont di Rialto.

                       Some very interesting shop windows.

           Time to go up on the bridge.
                        And down the other side
After wandering through the streets, for which you really do need a street map we arrived at the side of the entrance of the Grand Canal and near San Marco but were so tired and still had quite a walk back to the ferry that we just turned for home. Next time it will not be so hot when we visit.
Not wanting another noisy and quite expensive night (Most places on our tour are free) and also finding it far too hot decided to go back to France, we packed up and hit the road after receiving an apology from management for the noise of the previous night. One thing when you stay here you have to surrender your passport which you collect upon leaving. Not using campsites very much don't know if this is the norm.
We went back out on the way we came, down the coast road but stayed on it to Chioggia and down the E55 as far as Mesola where we stopped for the night.                              89 Kms

Don't seem to have any pictures of this place.
The Aire there was free including electric but very noisy from road traffic and lots of bity flies.