Polly & Micks G.V. 2012

                    Page Thirty-Seven

               Tuesday 4th September

 Foggy and cool to start with, got brighter as we travelled. On a bit of a run now, got a few Kms to get to Dunkirk and want to see a few more things. Went through twisty, pretty riverside valley to Revin. Were hoping to go on to Rocroi on D1 but a low bridge stopped that so went down D988 to N43 then west through Rimogne D8043 to Hirson. North towards Fourmies on D963 and stopped at Anor for night.

                                                                      117 Kms                                                     

        Wednesday 5th September

      Spent the night here, said hello, goodbye to this nice

      person and left.

 Drove five Kms into fourmies, found a Laverie (Launderette) did the washing and then on north up D951 to Avesnes-sur-Helpe where we stopped for lunch.

 Had a quick look at the church ...


 Then drove on through nice back roads D952-D961 to Bavay where we stopped for the night.

                                                                          51 Kms

Large parking area with  gratuit aire but is next to a school and is very busy morning and evening and they don't seem to worry where they park. The Vidange (disposal area) is at the far end of this picture and was parked solid with cars so had to wait a long time to do our thing.

             Thursday 6th September

 Going south-west to and through Quesnoy and on to Cambrai where we stopped on the side of a lake for lunch.

 Didn't eat frogs legs though.

 Then from Cambrai on D939 which is nice straight piece of road to Arras around bye-pass on to D341 to Mont-St-Eloi where we had been before and was a nice spot to stop. We were there a bit early so drove out to Vimy Ridge and Canadian war memorial just a few Kms north.

                                               This statue is at the rear

                                  and overlooks Lens

 When we drove out here from St.-Eloi we hoped to be able to park here and visit the other cemeteries in the area but nothing caught our attention so we then drove back and stayed the night there. There isn't an Aire here but we parked in a layby opposite the ruins where we took the photos,below.          

                                                                                                                                     131 Kms

     I said we,d been before.                     This is now.

       This is what it looked                 Serious work going

             like in 2010                                        on

             Looks like the weather is on the change.


                  Friday 7th September

 Bright sunny morning. Seriously heading to Dunkirk now for ferry tomorrow. Continued North-west on D341 through Divian on to D916 north  through Lillers and Hazebrouck to St-Sylvestre-Cappel onto D916 towards Dunkirk. Went off into Belgium to visit Ypres where we also have been before and is a very nice place to go especially for the Last post every evening at the Menin Gate  So busy was'nt able to park anywhere so came back to D916 and just past junction 16 of the A25/E42  stopped at Bergues. Huge free 48 hour parking area, prior to and alongside Cite' wall specifically for motorhomes but no services.

                                                          Distance after several deviations  200Kms


       Last post, Menin Gate, Ypres.

                                   How to get there.

 Entrance/exit  from/to camper park.

                              Bye! See you next year.

                    Back through the hole in the wall


             Saturday 8th September

 There is a railway line close by which was a bit busy but a good spot to be and only 15 Kms from Dunkirk ideal for last dash to the ferry. Which we did sedately as we were booked on the 14.01 back to blighty.

 An amazing trip again. France has so much to offer so don't think you will see it in a fortnight. We've done 4 of these trips so far seeing different sites and places each time. Now looking forward to our next one which starts on Saturday May 4th 2.00 am. One planned visit is to Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe, everything else will come as we travel. Don't think you have to be wealthy to do this. Being retired is useful so that time is more available but the cost of living in France the way we do is cheaper than living and touring in England. Well worth a try.

 Distance travelled from Dorset to Dorset  9,824 Kms which I make as 6.140 miles

Total diesel used 218 gals. at a cost of 1,488 Euros. Which works out at just over 28 miles per gallon and considering the ups and downs of mountains that aint bad. Catch you later.

 Although I don't advertize or sell on this site

I would like to mention Southampton General

Hospital Oncology unit because of all the

succesful help they have given Polly and

without whom these trips wouldn't have

happened. Also to the Macmillan walk in

centre at the hospital for all their support

when needed. Back up treatment is ongoing and

at this time is succesful.

If anybody would like support these organizations

in any way please contact them.

Tell them Mickarchie sent you.

All help is appreciated by them and us.

Many thanks to all From Polly & Mick.