Polly & Micks G.V. 2012

                       Page Thirty-Six

               Saturday 1st September

Very busy road but somewhere to stop. You can't always find the perfect spot. Onward and upward, along the D440 through Romilly-sur-Seine to Anglure, D5, across N4 to la-Mesnil-Broussy, North-east on D39 & D9 to and through le-Mesnil-sur-Oger  on D10 to Avize where we stopped for the night.


 Very nice aire in centre of town but tricky to get to because of one way street system.

Quite busy though. 
   Gratuit as well

 Definitely a wine region.

Well, champagne actually

 Nice shop windows.

             Sunday 2nd September

 After a wander around, not over impressed, ok if you are into winemaking. Lots of that around. Also the church was locked, on a Sunday?

  Had lunch and went on our way. North-east on D19 and stopped at Mourmelon-le-Petit for break and quick look around.

 Very quick, then D21 to Pontfaverger-Moronvilliers, D985 North to Rethel, D951 north-east alongside E46/A34 motorway to Junction 14 where we stopped to look at a pig.

 Crossed the motorway and continued to Launois-sur-Vence then north-west on D27 towards Signy-l'Abbaye for 5 Kms to Dommery where we stopped in a fishermans carpark for the night.

 Keep looking around.

               'and when you've done that, go to bed.

               Monday 3rd September

 For such a small road it was quite busy but nice spot, even though. Moving on to Signy-l'Abbaye then through an assortment of lanes to Charleville-Mezieres, didn't stop, been before and well worth a visit. North on D1 through Nouzonville and Bogny-sur-Meuse and on to Montherme where we have been a few times and is a very nice town and riverside spot and of course, gratuit.

Walk over this bridge,we're parked on the other side

 then up the steps behind me and you get a nice view.

 Then when you've got your pics you can go back down and reflect on your amazing holiday which is nearly over but on May 3rd 2013 it starts all over again. Yippee.

                  Reflections take on something totally different

                                                 at night