Polly & Micks G.V. 2012 

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                 Sunday 26th August.


 The road along side the aire a bit busy. Everybody going to church perhaps but doesn't spoil it. The weather seems to be getting a bit greyer and cooler at the moment. Off we go to pastures new. Northwest on D93 to Chatillon-Coligny, then West on D56 & D119 to Sully-sur-Loire, over the bridge then left, past the front of the Chateau for approx half a mile to large Aire where we stopped again.

                                    Beautiful spot.
                                                                                  51 Kms

 Nice Aire on the side of the Loire. Totally free. The entrance however is built like a chicane and with a large van can be a bit tricky. Saying that there was a bigger van than ours,(which is 25ft long ) and he got in. Not sure how though.

 Le Chateau.  

 Well worth 

    a visit

 Non!  Mesdame, you cannot 'ave the lot for 10 euro.

 You put your left arm in...

 Nice views from the windows

 After going around the chateau we had a break then wandered along the river in the opposite direction which was very nice as well.

 Don't forget to look around!

                                        A very grand day out.

                 Monday 27th August

 Weather back to full strength. Went by back roads through la-Ferte-St-Aubin to Chambord. Now if you have never been to or seen Chambord make it a must. It is known as the jewel of the Loire for good reason. it is an awsome place to which we have been several times. this time it was our intention to stay the night on site but sadly at £32-00 pound a night no way. If you are interested in staying, there is also a hotel in the grounds where we have also stayed, with views of the chateau, so comes highly recommended.

            A picture of Chambord we took a few years ago.

So after saying hello-goodbye we drove on to the D951, which runs alongside the Loire and just before you get to Blois there is a nice parking area with a view across the river Loire of Blois. What's more it's free.