Polly & Micks G.V. 2012 
                         Page Thirteen

                      Monday 16th July
Overnight the weather changed, rain during the night and a lot cooler and looking a bit dodgy for the day. Before we left we went over the road to the butcher and bought a jeton for 2 Euro and emptied and filled our greys and blacks and filled fresh water then fired up and went back out on to the main road and drove to Le-Puy-en-Velay, a place we drove through a couple of years ago and really want to visit.The reason we didn't stop then was the same as now. Very busy commercial town not suitable for a large motorhome and still unable to find anywhere to park. I will keep on trying because it looks a very interesting and photogenic town with all these granite islands popping up all over the place with churches built on top. However, not this time.
Turned South on the N88 and headed towards Mende and just after Langogne we took a very sharp right onto the D26 signposted Lac-de-Naussac. Up the hill past the Base Nautique (where most of the campers are parked,) for about a mile and on the left is a lovely quiet layby with views of the lake. Which is where we stopped for the night. And after that the weather started brightening.
                                                                                                                                     102 Kms.
            Tucked in for the night.

                     Tuesday 17th July.

Bright clear sunny day again. A few cars driving by but not causing any grief. decided to have a wander down by the lake. Absolutely gorgeous spot, again.
                  Look down as well as around.
After a nice wander and having had our lunch we hit the road again. Although heading to Mende, the road we were on looked interesting on the map so we continued along it through the Valley-de-l'Allier to Laval-Atger and Grandrieu bearing left all the time and down the D985 to Chateauneuf-de-Randon where we turned right, onto the N88 to and
Mende, continued West along N88 till it reaches the southbound A75, down till it rejoins N88 again West again to Laissac. Where we stopped once more.     
                                                                            157 Kms
A somewhat less inspiring halt at a cattle
market but with all the requirements of
water and emptying facilities. Which were
all gratuit.

                  Wednesday 18th July

Weather nice and hot. Used the watering facilities then drove into Rodez and filled up with diesel.Then on down the N88 to Baraqueville and stopped at a nice Aire in the backstreets which was signposted from the main road off to the right near the cattle market and overlooking the lake.
                                                                              74 kms.
             One of the locals keeping his beady eye on us.
                    Thursday 19th July.

 Weather cloudy but warm and bright. On one of the info boards in the Aire was a map of the area and some nice places to visit. One of these was Sauveterre-de-Rouergue just a few Kms South-West of where we were to, so we drove there to have a look.

                                 Parking a bit limited.
                      Come out and fight like a mouse.
                                      Gorgeous church.
     Wherever you look in this town, always something nice
I took loads of photos at this stop and one day may put some more on here but this gives an idea how pretty this Bastide is. Well worth a visit. After having lunch we drove North up to the D911, turned left onto it for 7Kms then right along a very narrow twisty hilly road to a Ville where we saw there was an Aire, called Previnquieres. Where we stopped for the night.