Polly & Micks G.V. 2012 
                   Page Twenty-Three

        Pulled into parking area by cemetry just before we  
        reached Tournon-d'Argensais and stayed the night.
        Heavy rain overnight.
                                                                             36 Kms                                                                       

                  Monday 6th August.

 Rude awakening by skip lorry then a JCB so got up and drove to a quieter spot for breakfast. After which we drove into Tournon and realized that we had been there before. It's a nice old hilltop place and well worth a visit but we turned about and headed  for pastures new. Drove on the D656 East towards Cahors as far as Carnac-Rouffiac then North on D45 to Praysac which took us into the Lot valley where we followed the river along the D8 East again towards Cahors  and stopped at Albas for the night. Very pretty Ville. Aire Gratuit.

                                                                                                                           56 Kms.

      This was on the edge of a very large Aire which was a
      short walk from the Ville and as the evening went on
       the waterfall on the left grew and became awesome.

 Walked into Ville and had a look around in the afternoon.  


       On your way to the Ville from the Aire you pass this
       bridge which is quite picturesque and there are some
       nice views when you walk across it.

                          That's where we came from.
                       'and that's where we're going
               Met this fella on the way.
      Humingbird moth if you're interested
When in France you will realize that doors are not made on production lines. Everyone is different.
This is the road we've come along as did the fairground.
'and this is where we are going when we leave.
The doctors here suggest a maximum of one bottle of wine a day.
                         Going back to the Aire. Not in the boat.
      'and finally at this Aire, the river later on in the evening.

                 Tuesday 7th August.

 Heavy rain late afternoon, yesterday, helped with the waterfall last night but I think they probably close the hydroelectric side and all the water goes over the top.

Pretty impressive anyway. Quite a loud roar but didn't disturb us.

                 Drove on along D8 to Cahors then continued through the lot valley (as I have said before gorgeous scenary but has to be seen first hand) on the D662 East to Cajarc then Northeast up D19 to Figeac, wanted somewhere a bit quieter for the night so went Northwest for a couple of miles to Planioles  and stopped in a carpark. Lovely and quiet..

                                                                                                                                                138 Kms

              Wednesday 8th August

Drove into Figeac. 
   Very old and  

Two lovely churches, I think I've got the pictures in the right churches but they are definitely in the right town.
Saint Sauvier

                A most excellent day out. Not to be missed.