Polly & Micks G.V. 2012.
                      Page Twenty Six.

                 Monday 13th August.
   Lovely quiet night. Bright but light cloud this morning.
  After morning chores we went down into Langeac.

 One of they French doors.

'and another one of they French churches.

 If you are looking for God in a church, you will find him but look around and you will find so much more.

 When taking a picture look at the background first. Makes a

                        difference to the final outcome.

After doing some shopping drove on Northwest through lovely countryside  on the D585 towards Brioude and stopped at an olde worlde ville called Lavoute-Chilhac where there was a Gratuit Aire, so stopped for the night.
                                                                                                                                                 25 Kms
        This photo taken from the bridge, below.

           When arriving at this ville we made the mistake of

            turning onto the bridge that I am standing on to  

           take this photo.This takes you over the river into

           the heart of the place but with narrow streets and

            a lot of parked vehicles not advisable with a

            campervan the size of Archie. Very tight but

           managed to turn around and got back across then

           turned right at the end and right again a little way

           along the road which took us into the Aire where

           we are parked above.  Phew!

       There's always a chuch.

 Some nice statues in this one.

 When you arrive at Chilhac on the road we came on you drive past this building  which is the Priory Clunisien, (number 3 below.) then the road loops around to the right to take you to the bridge on the opposite side(Number 1 below)

                       Find water in France and you'll find people
                                          ready to enjoy it.

Same spot, just a  nicer angle from the bridge.
               Much improved picture.

When presenting a picture don't be frightened to crop out some of the unwanted bits. Again it can improve
your final outcome. Above, crop. Below, original.

Different times, different picture. Above bridge during the day, below, at night.
If you have a tripod don't be afraid of long exposures.
This is only 4 seconds at f16 on iso 400. Sounds techi
but most modern cameras do this very easy. Even on
fairly cheap ones like mine.

          On the river by where we are parked.

 Keep looking


       A very picturesque place, busy but well worth a visit.