Polly & Micks G.V. 2012

                        Page Thirty Two

            Wednesday 22nd August

   Think the cows wanted 

     to say

   au revoir.

 Back onto the D480 North to Dompierre-sur-Besbre. (Dompierre on the river Besbre)  Then North on D15 till we reached the N79, turn right, East to Bourbon-Lancy where we stopped to look at an old steam pump/turbine outside the Ville.

Didn't stop long, drove North east up D42 to Luzy then north on D27 to Larochemillay where we stopped again for break and pictures.

 To get to the Ville you go off to the right up a narrow road and drive through a very narrow gap between two buildings to get into the square but we drove Archie through so couldn't be that bad.

                             Think I get to meet more dogs than

                                         people when I'm out.

                      More representations of stations.

 'and quite nice

   views as well.

 After a nice break went back down to 'main' road and continued North to Arleuf where we turned right onto D978 towards Autun, drove about halfway to la-Celle-en-Morvan where we turned left Northwest on D2 through Anost, Montsauche-les-Settons on D236  North 6kms to Dun-les-Places then right onto D6 towards St.-Brisson and stopped for night on right in a layby in some nice woods.


             'and while walking in the woods saw a wood nymph.

The road is where the telegraph pole is. Lovely spot

fairly quiet road and so far, touch wood, after six

years of doing this, have never had any bother with


                Thursday 23rd August

Continued on along D6 and other roads which I'm not sure of but got to Saulieu then turned Nortwest onto D906 which turned into D606  to Avallon, continued through and towards Auxerre, still on D606 as far as Voutenay-sur-Cure then left onto D950 to Mailly-la-Ville then Southwest on D500 to a small Ville on a canal called Merry-sur-Yonne that has a famous climbing rock called Rocher-du-Saussois that has a nice parking area where we stopped for the night.

                                                                                                                                         93 Kms

       Over this bridge is into the Ville but the carpark

       where we stayed is straight ahead for approx half

        a mile.

 View from the bridge of the rock and carpark

 One of the few churches with locked doors in France.

 We waited but no train came.

      French one holer?

  View of the bridge

 from the


 As the evening went on the weather looked like breaking up.