Polly & Micks G.V. 2012 

                       Page Thirty-Five.

                Tuesday 28th August.

 Bit grey again this morning. Drove to Vineuil for shopping at Supermarche then back onto D951 and headed Northeast as far as Lailly-en-Val then back across country to Sully-sur-Loire. Our only reason for coming this way was to go to Chambord, were going to stay another night in the Sully Aire but packed to capacity. Very popular spot. Went across the river and up the D961 Northeast for 7 Kms to les-Bordes where there was an Aire on the side of the road which was a bit busy but nice spot.  Gratuit.

                                                                                                                      109 Kms.

  Walk through the trees directly behind the vans,

  along the track and you walk alongside this small

  but nice lake. The Ville is directly behind the lake.

                                     Not far.

             Wednesday 29th August

After wandering around the ville a fairly normal sort of Ville, nothing amazing for which I seem to have lost the pics we hit the road.   Continued Northeast up D961 to and through Montargis then North for 20 Kms to Ferrieres-en-Gatinais,  East along D32 and D16  to almost V-sur-Yonne then right,on D149 down to St.-Julien-du-Sault and stopped.

Think we must have found the Aire in the book and went there because it was easy to find. Quite nice, Gratuit, but railway line close by.

                                                                          103 Kms                                                                                                                            

 Pretty but not 
 worth booking
a holiday there.

                Thursday 30th August

 Grey and cooler today. Decided to go to Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, looks interesting so drove up the D3 and after driving through and back again found access down to the riverside next to the bridge going into town.

                                                                                                                               14 Kms.

 Photo taken from bridge into town. That's us next to red tile roofed building middle background,

 At each end of the high street there is one of these gatetowers, not sure of their proper name. This one is at the end near where we were parked. Inside these towers are rooms that have exhibitions and are worth a visit.

     You also get a nice view of the high street from there.

 At the time of our visit there was an art exhibition on

       Spray can art

      of high quality.  

    Pretty dam good.

 Near the other end of the street opposite where you come over the bridge into the ville is this church which on the outside is in desperate need of a facelift. There was scaffold at the back so assume it is on its way.

   Inside however....

 In the evening we decided to have a takeaway so went to this restaurant that was on the road between the bridge and church. where we met these two nice guys. Hope they received the pictures I sent.

The take away was excellent.

 While walking back to Archie we walked along the waters edge and were admiring a large barge when the lady of the said vehicle asked us if the nice Hymer motorhome was ours. Which it was and after a nice chat  we were invited back after we had our take away for drinks and had a nice evening discussing the wheres and hows of each others vehicles.

                   Friday 31st August

                  Luckily we met the boat people yesterday as they

                  were leaving this morning so we went out to see

                 them off.

 Wandered back up to the other end of town and visited the other gatetower and a theatre above the tourist info office. I went in the musee because I thought there was a photography exhibition but that was gone, however the door to the right was the entrance to the tower gate which had a nice exhibition of Police uniforms back to the revolution.

                                     I will say this only once.

 Good moaning.

 Very interesting. Went across the road to the Tourist info to look at the theatre upstairs. Lovely little place, well worth a visit.

 Up there!

 Treading the  


A view of the church from the outside balcony. Gives an idea where the theatre is.

 Mid afternoon we went on our way heading east on D15 and north D27 to D660  then east for a few Kms at the junction to Chigy D320 where we stopped for a cuppa and looked at the war memorial.       


                         This was here as well, think it was touristy.

                                                Not sure

Continued along D660 to Vulaines then North on D54 towards Romilly-sur-Seine and stopped at St-Martin-de Bossenay for the night.
                                                                                                                                            62 Kms