Polly & Micks G.V. 2012.
                              Page Five

All the time I've been loading
these maps, thought they were just a picture of a map once on the website. Didn't realize you can actually work and expand them. Still learning.

The actual Aire for Chatenois is about 100 yds back up the road I'm standing on, but was full up and this seemed to be the overflow on busy days.
       Some birds will nest 

                           Fri. 15th June
Very pleasant place to stay. After breakfast and the usual chores, moved on. Down D424 to just before the Rhine, turned right onto the D20 which runs alongside the Rhine where there are places you can stop for views.Turn left onto Colmar-Freiburg road and cross into Germany over the Hydro electric bridge. We are now on our way to visit our friends near Bad Waldsee, the home of Hymer.
             Alongside the Rhine
                         Going in.
Because we had some bother last year getting through Freiburg, we decided to go below it this time,  so after crossing into Germany, turned S.East to Bad Krozingen then N. East to just below Freiburg, around part of Bye-pass and on to Titisee-Neustadt on the 31 which you follow to Geisingen then the 311 to just beyond Mengen at Herbertingen. On the 32 to Bad Saulgau, then East on small road to just above Bad Schussenried at Steinhausen where there is a magnificent church which is considered to be the most beautiful village church in the world. not having travelled that much I can't say but wouldn't disagree with this comment.

... y
ou'll see why!


         And when you get inside..

 If you expand the map above you will see Bad Waldsee just below where we are at the moment which is where the Hymer museum and factory are. Our friends live just outside the town which is where we will stay for the next couple of nights.

           So drove the few Kms to their house and stopped. Phew!

                                                                                                                                     261 Kms.

                                      Home at last.
                          Sat. 16th June

 Went into Bad Waldsee to visit the Hymer shop. You can spend a lot of money in there if not very careful. Stuff for hymers is quite expensive but Archie is worth it. Over 14 years old and still going strong, in motorhomes you definitely get what you pay for. Especially in the older vans.

It.s nice just to wander around the shop but the prices are a bit scary sometimes. Bought some LED,s and went home.
      When in Germany do as
          the Germans do.

          It's barbie time.

And very nice it was. After lunch drove a few Kms up the road to Unteressendorf where there is another pretty church which I think was designed by the same architect as Steinhausen.
    Many similarities
         but less of it

The eternal
light shine upon them.

   I think.
                       Mon. 18th June.
Had a great weekend with our friends and family. Always made very welcome by all of them. Said goodbye and went down to Bad Waldsee to visit the Hymer Museum before we went on our way.
Happy campers! All around the Museum were these large pictures with a special camera stood in front of them into which you could insert your entrance ticket and get a picture when leaving. After taking the picture you could also insert the ticket into a computer and have your picture up on a huge screen for about a month alongside every body elses. Don't know who this group was but they were enjoying their visit.

         One of polly in a different part of the museum world.

In all I took some 170 photos while at the museum, this of course is only a few. Anybody who likes motorhoming would really enjoy it. The museum is an excellent collection of all types of campers and caravans that come under the Hymer umbrella and is well worth a visit.  At this date however they only cater for German speaking visitors. We did comment on this and other language signs are going to be set up.

 After spending a nice morning at the museum we had lunch then went back to France on the same road that we came on. Our intention is to go down to Chamonix, through the Mont Blanc tunnel into Italy and across to Venice. We could go through Austria but with a big camper you have to have a gizmo fitted which counts the Kms which you then have to pay for.Not sure how it works but pretty expensive I understand. The scenary  through this part of Germany is very pretty but having done it a few times we just drove on until we got to Widensolen, 10 Kms. east of Colmar, where we stopped just outside the ville in a parking area next to a small pilgrimage site called The Grotte de Widensolen. Where we stopped for the night.

                                                                  244 Kms.