Polly & Micks G.V. 2012 
                           Page Seven

                          Sat. 23rd June.
 Had a quiet morning watching comings and goings of campervans, had lunch then went through the Mont Blanc tunnel.
                                                To Italy!
                             Archie enjoying the Italian sunshine,  
                             which as the week went on got hotter
                             and hotter.

We then followed the one main road through Aosta  & Donnas to Ivrea then SSE for 17 kms to Viverone where we stopped for the night.
                                                                                                                                     157 Kms
After driving through Viverone which is on the side of a large lake (Lake Viverone)  and is a holiday area of some sort, but not what we are into, you come to a crossroads at the corner of the lake and this large car park, which is also a market sometimes and is on the junction. I shouldn't think the market is very succesful as only three traders turned up when we were there on the Sunday morning.
                  Sunday 24th June.

 Very hot humid day, nothing doing with the market so drove onwards. Around Milan towards Brescia and stopped at Caravaggio,      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caravaggio,_Lombardy                    

                                                                                                                                       184 Kms

          Where we stayed in the corner of the main car park.
Enter Sacro Font, left and you see this and other golden oldies and get to take the waters if so inclined.
Caravaggio is a very beautiful place, inside and out, whether you are religious or not and is well worth a visit. But perhaps not on a Sunday. Cost of staying in carpark overnight 10 euros.

                Monday 25th June

Getting hotter. Drove on through countryside to the A4,turned right alongside Lake Garda to Peschiera del Garda then left, up the side of the lake on the SR 249 through Lasize with the hope of staying there but the whole length was just built up and was like a seaside place. Not for us so carried on up the road as far as Bardolino  turned right drove around a bit not too sure where we were heading and ended up at a pretty village called Pastrengo which is about 5 miles east of Lasize just east of the A22 where we found a nice carpark next to the Post office and library and stayed the night.
                                                                                                                     140 Kms
These two are in the square as you enter the ville.
                            Always plenty of this wildlife, especially in Italy.
The Post office and library where we met a very nice lady who taught English and invited us in for a cup of tea, which we gladly accepted. On our travels we have yet to meet any unfriendly people. Can go as far as to say that they are all very nice and go out of their
way to be helpful. On one journey a couple of years ago we weren't sure of our way out of an area and a local drove his car for about 15 miles to show us the way.

                           And so,to bed. Night,night.
                  Tuesday 26th June.

 In need of water and emptying of greys and blues. Found a place at a hotel in the ville, cost 5 Euros, did that then moved on. Southeast to above Verona continue S.E  past Cologna Veneta to Montagnana a beautiful old Cite where we stayed just outside the walls in a large carpark for the night. Emptying facilities for blues and greys but no fresh water.

                                                                          82 Kms

Where we watched these lads practicing with their flags for some festival or other.
                     Weds. 27th June
Rude awakening. Skip lorry came at 5-30am to empty all the council rubbish skips.The towns rubbish is collected with small trucks, put into the large skips in the carpark and then collected from there.
other nice day so got up and went for walk around the town.

Outside the walls. Where we stayed is to the left of this picture.
               We're going in
                                            Look up!
                                                      Look back!
             Look around!
         Look inside!
               Going out!
There is a lot more to see here than in these pictures.
        Well worth a visit.