Polly & Micks G.V. 2012  

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                  Friday 24th August.

  Weather came to nothing. Moved on Southwest to Clamacy then West on D957 through Entrains-sur-Nohain and on to St-Amand-en-Puisaye then Northeast on D955 to St-Sauvier-en-Puisaye then Northwest on D85 and D90 to Rogny-les-Sept-Ecluses. A place of ancient engineering worthy of the twentieth century.

 Translated Les 7 Ecluses is The seven locks and was built into a canal for better transportation of goods throughout the area. Started in 1604 and finally finished in 1638. Awesome piece of construction.

  Sadly not in use now but planned to be reserected fairly soon.

Could do with a bit of a tidy though.

 That's Archie parked at middle, back. We stayed there the first night because the Aire down by the canal only takes 4 vans and was full

 Part of the metalwork that held the lock gates.

              Saturday 25th August

Some of the places nearby. Briare is well worth a visit

Went there a couple of years ago and saw the aquaduct.

If you like canals you'll like that.


 After breakfast we drove on down to the Aire and as some vans had gone we parked there and stayed another day.

 Free Aire

 and water

 Had a wander around the Ville. At time of printing the total inhabitants are 744, doesn't seem many for such a nice, busy place. Went up the hill ( not far) to the church and nice views of area.

                  Yet another way of presenting the Stations.

                     View of the aire from the church.

 For some reason there are six iron crosses dotted around the Ville. Not sure why so many.

           Explained below?

 Polly needed a haircut.

              Probably the best overall view of the locks.

 And back to Archie. What a super place to visit. Can't fault it in any way. But that's France. Night-night.