Polly & Micks G.V. 2012  
                    Page Twenty Four.

Left Figeac late afternoon Northeast on the N122 through Maurs and continued on same road towards Aurillac for approx 20 kms to Cayrols which was a couple of Kms off to the right of the main road, and was signposted as having an Aire, and very nice it was too. Dept. 15
                                                                                                                                 48 Kms
        This was parked alongside the Aire, not sure what
        it was used for but very pretty. The whole site and
        the Ville was very clean and tidy. Very nice quiet
        spot altogether.

                Thursday 9th August

 Walked into the ville, very close to aire. Quite an ordinary place, being worked on but with a pretty church as always.

                Another French door.
     Doesn't look much on the outside but very pretty inside.
Some different but
 gorgeous colour windows

Didn't stay long. Drove back on to N122 to Aurillac, not impressed, continued Northeast on through Thiezac to Murat where we had seen there was an Aire but was in very untidy rail siding, which is unusual as most Aires are in the nicest part of town. So after using their facilities we drove out of town for a couple of Kms along D39 up into some hills and found a lovely clearing where we parked for the night. Dept. 15

                                                                                                                                   91 Kms.
Time to look down 

                          Back towards Murat

                            Who needs town stops, anyway.

                    Friday 10th August.

 Cool night but hot this morning. Country sounds of crickets and cowbells during the night. lovely!

                                                           Drove back into Murat and used services and then southeast on D926 to St-Flour where we did some shopping and used the Laverie (Launderette)  Lots of good services and shops on the ring road and quite a nice town but didn't stop, as we had spotted a nice place on the map a bit further on. Drove south on a small road alongside the A75 motorway. Approx 10 Kms, to Lac du Bge.de Grandval and the Viaduc de Garabit.

             Built by Gustave Eiffel prior to him doing the
                           Tour de Eiffel in Paris.
 Followed the road Southwest around the edge of the lake for a few kms to Faverolles and stopped outside the townhall for the night which was the Aire, complete with water and emptying point, and the village shop a hundred yards away. Nice views, 2euro for water and all else Gratuit.


 For those who don't know, the item on the left is what you look for at the Aire when you need to empty your cassette and fill with water. The flap at the front is for emptying the cassette and  one tap is fresh water the other is for washing the cassette. Take care!

                 Saturday 11th August

Weather bright sun above but misty in the valley.

No views. Had a quiet morning, wandered around

the ville. Fairly ordinary place but nice elevated

area.  Nice walking.

                                               The local cafe

 Back to Archie Had lunch and drove on around the lake for a few Kms, such a nice area we decided on a fairly quiet weekend and stopped again on a view point overlooking the lake. 

                                                                                10 Kms