Polly & Micks G.V.  2012  

                           Page Twelve.

                    Thursday 12th July.
Cometh the day, cometh the man, and we all know who he is.
 I hope in years to come nobody comes up with a reason why he shouldn't keep his prize. I'm sure there isn't. Now watch a roadside view of a day at the 2012 Tour de France.
Overnight more people arrive and stay in all sorts of 'homes'
           'and put up the flag for the team that I support.
A couple of days I won't forget for a day or two. After the followers traffic had died down we went back down and spent another night at Conflans. A really nice spot.
                                                                                                                                               45 Kms
                     Friday 13th July
Headed West back along same road that we came on until we got to Voiron then still West to near Beaurepaire on the D73. Just outside of town on a roundabout on the main road, nice info pull in and toilets. Excellent place to stop for night.
                                                                              164 Kms
Although on a roundabout that had several different roads going through it, there wasn't any disturbance in the night.

                    Saturday 14th July

Very nice spot and obviously liked by the locals as several families came with picnics. One family with children were very friendly and we had cheery waves when they left. Wherevever you go in France you are made very welcome.
                          Signpost on the roundabout.
Travel onwards, still West following the Annonay road. Turn right just before it and follow road to Le-Puy-en-Velay. Just a few Kms  North of Annonay is the very pretty ville of Boulieu-les-Annonay that has a very new and tidy Aire attached to the childrens play park. It is signposted from outside but is a bit tricky to find. Here we stopped for lunch and then wandered around the Ville.
View of Aire from entrance and below just walk diagonally across the playpark and you enter the Ville proper.
   Shops in France much prettier
                                The way back to the Aire
A very nice place, well worth a visit. Back to the van and on our way. From here we went West to Montfaucon then south down the D185  for a few kms to Tence where we had found in our Aires book a place to stay but it was a piece of waste ground that was used as a dump for most things and not at all nice.The ville looked quite nice but decided to continue as it was late in the day.Went back up the D185 towards Montfaucon, then just before it we forked left for the Le Puy road and as we hit the main road, D106 there was a sign for an Aire straight across at Raucoles so went there and stayed the night in another very nice spot.
                                                                                                                         105 Kms
    Free Aire but fresh water and waste disposal was 2 Euros
Quite a lot of Aires are next to cemetries
but as yet we havn't been bothered by
the residents.

                      Sunday 15th July
                   Although you can empty your grey water over the
              concrete area, to empty the black water and get
              fresh you must insert a jeton to open the door on
              the blue sanistation.
This is quite rare as most      
              sanistations allow you to empty grey and black.

                      Decided to stay another night.