Polly & Micks G.V. 2012
                       Page Twenty-Two

Lovely Aire on the side of the River Lot in Sylvestre-sur-Lot, Dept. 47    Gratuit.
                     We do relax sometimes. Before we go shopping.
That's on the left, by the way. a'droit is on the right.
Sylvestre is this side of the river but walk over the
bridge and you are in Penne-d'Argenais. 2 Lots for
the price of one.

                 I really do like churches. loads of pictures
                                   wherever you look.

Some campers are more colourful than others. No problem with that though.
                  Sunday 5th. August
While looking across the river we noticed up on the top of a hill a large church dome and liking churches we decided to drive up there to have a look.
 Not only an awesome place but fantastic views as well. It's called  Notre-Dame -de-Peyragude. Don't miss it!
                               Lots of nice windows
Richard the Lionheart did a lot around the area and
this was supposed to be remains of his domicile.

After a nice long walk around we had a late lunch and went on our way. Continueing East along D661 to Tournon-d'Argenais where we stopped, as there was a nice hilltop town there.