Polly & Micks G.V. 2012 
                    Page Seventeen.

Walked up through the ville to the cablecar (not far) and went on board for quite an experience. Go there if you get the chance.

    'and halfway up we met a cablecar coming down.
                                      Some folk prefer to walk.
  That's us. Courtesy of a very nice gentleman.
                               That's the very nice gentleman.
                    Wherever you look, awesome views.
While we were there we had a meal in the restaurant,
 very dissapointing. Perhaps we chose the wrong meal
 but not nice at all. The only bad thing about this trip

                  Oh for the wings....
                          Different angles
                                Going down
                                        Terra Firma

Awesome! A word I use a lot but the only one that sums it up

                                     Don't miss it.

We then went back to archie and stayed the night where we parked earlier.

                   Saturday 28th July
Awoke to very low cloud, a bit cooler and a massive thunderstorm.
                     And it got wusser and wusser.
       'and atter that the weather started brightening.
We then drove back down the hill to Bagneres-de-Bigorre then turned left to another place we wanted to see while down here,  Lourdes.
                                   Wasn't expecting that.