Polly & Micks  G.V.  2012.
                        Page Fourteen.

                        Friday 20th July
For such a small not much here sort of place but with pretty bits it's a huge aire. Free stay, water and emptying.
      Literal translation to sign, right.
             Very small. Really don't know what for.
                    On the entrance to the Aire.

            Somewhere near these towns and others as well,
            this Ville would be a nice quiet spot to stay for a
            few days to go visit other places.
Quite narrow
            roads in and out though.

 Drove North out of the village to Anglars-st-Felix then West along the D1, South down to Villefranche-de-Rouergue where we have been before and knew there was a Laverie (Laundrematte) right next to a very large car park. So did our washing then drove out of town still going South on D922 to Laguepie, left up the hill on the D9 for a couple miles and found a nice big layby where we stayed for the night. Now in dept. 82.

                                                                                                                                  115 Kms

           Saturday July 21st
Weather looked dodgy last night but bright again this morning and even in a layby there are some nice pictures about.
Looking at the map realized we had taken wrong road out of Laguepie but saw there was an interesting Ville a bit further on at Gordes-Sur-Ciel  but when we arrived there it was heaving with people, obviously a very popular place but too busy for us so drove back to Laguepie, found the aire we were looking for in the first place, emptied and drove on our way West  onto D958  past St.-Antonin-Noble-Val, a very pretty town on the side of a river, (parking is best on side of main road then walk over the bridge into town,) where we have also been before then south down the D115 to Negrepelisse  where we stopped.
     Quite popular but on the side of a busy road into town.
                                 All services Gratuit.

                                     And so, to bed
                    Sunday 22nd July
Nice and bright. As it was the last day of Le tour, decided to stay and watch it on our telly but in the morning we wandered around the Ville but not over impresed. For shopping there is a large Super U on the side of the D116 opposite where you turn into the Ville. Some of the above pics taken today. Much impressed with Bradley however.
                     Monday 23rd July.
More sunshine. Drove back out of town and right onto D116 to and around Montauban then Southwest along D928 towards Auch and stopped about halfway between the two at Solomiac for a break and wander. Quite a pretty place.
After a nice break drove to Aubiet then West on the N124 to just prior to Auch and north up to Preignan then right up a long hill to the sports field where we had spotted an Aire in the book which had free services and stopped for the night.
                                                                                                                                              140 Kms
                                   Couple of the locals