P & Ms   G.V.  2012 

                               Page Four. 

                               Sat. & Sun
                          9th & 10th June

 Decided to stay for the weekend. Went and got some diesel so we would be ok for our next journey. Nearest garage at Montied-en-Der, approx 12 Kms. also has a small Aire. Spent next two days enjoying the ambience of the place and relaxing.
                         Mon. June 11th.
After emptying black and greys and refilling with fresh water we drove east through Wassy and Joinville then down the N67 to Donjeux where we clocked an aire for future reference, free water and electricity. Off onto D67A S.East to Rimacourt. Up D674 to Neufchateau then a few Kms  S.East to Certilleux  on the D164. Where we stopped for the night.
                                                                                                                                      131 Kms.
  Info about other local Aires.
 This one
was free but only had 
  water, no black
or grey empty.
  One nearby at Tilleux
only had


The local wash-house ?


 The Ville didn't have 
 much other than the


  and t
he church at night



       Night, night.

                       Tues. June 12th.
Drove east onto the D166 through Mirecourt, left at Golbey to Thaon-les-Vosges.  The aire was just off the centre of quite a large but not particularly pretty town. It was on the side of the canal but very messy and noisy from the roads all round.

An interesting chimney pot in the high street.

  A hotel on the
     outer road.

Eye catcher parked in
     front of the hotel.

                        Wed. June 13th.

 Drove off east on the D420 towards St-Die-des-Vosges and stopped at a monument for the french resistance at this place. Which was also an Arboretum with quite a few walks.

Through St-die, then N.east still on the D420 to Rothau to an Aire which was
attached to a campsite and cost 6-0 Euro which we paid 'cos we was tired and wanted to stop. Water was a further 2-60 Euro which we didn't have. There is free wi-fi though, which I did.

                                                                                                                                       99 kms.

 A bit of water which

    is always nice.

For those who are interested in the darker side of the 2nd world war Rothau is in the Bruche valley which has been, on and off, under german occupation for a long time and was used during the war for the concentration camp at Struthof (The only concentration camp built on french soil.) and The Schirmeck Vorbruck Internment and Re-education Camp.
          Two pages copied from the Alsace Holiday guide for the Bruche Valley.
The area between here and Strasbourg which is the Alsace is a very beautiful area especially between  the Ballon D' Alsace and Mont-St-Odile and is well worth a visit, especially if you like walking holidays.

                     Thurs. June 14th

 From here we went across country past Camp Struthof and the Memorial to the people who died here. Didn't stop because we visited it last year. The photos are on Polly & Micks G.D.O. 2011. We then drove on through the hills and valleys that make up this gorgeous place to Mont-St.-Odile which is a beautiful place of pilgrimage.Although I am not religious this place even does things for me and certainly does things for Polly.We call  in whenever we are passing this area which is often as we cross into Germany near Strasbourg when we visit our friends.

 Spent about an hour at St. Odile just to get the feel of the place then drove  to Obernai  then south along the D1422 almost to Selestat and right to a very pretty town called Chatenois where we stopped for the night.

                                                                                                                                     74 Kms