Polly & Micks G.V. 2012  
                               Page Ten.

                        Monday 2nd July.
Almighty clap of thunder and short storm last night, then gone. Bit damp and drizzly this morning but pretty well up in the mountains at the moment, so to be expected. Have been this way before and we are looking forward to the scenery. No pictures can really do it justice. The only way is to drive it.Take my word.
After driving down off the pass and just before Barcelonnette there's a small Ville called Jausiers and as you drive out of it there's a nice Aire on the left by the river big enough for 3 vans at most, with a Vidange (empty point which is always free and water which I think you pay for here.) The blue box in front of Archie is it and is easy to understand. The sign in top right of picture is what to look for if you want an Aire.
  A pretty Aire in
  a beautiful spot. Well worth a visit
      After having a break and still time for travel
      and having been here before we continued on
           West as far as Lac de Serre Poncon,

 Lac-de Serre Poncon. We have driven past here on
 several occasions and there is a nice layby where
 you can stop for the view. On the other side of the
 lake is another road along the edge of the lake that
 looks very interesting which we havn't driven yet
 but will soon, for sure.
                               This years tour is always looking
 for next years outing and in France that's easy to do.

'then turned South on the D900 to Digne-les-Bains where we found an Aire just out of town by a Therme and stayed this time for two nights.
                                                                                                                                     124 Kms.
                     Aire at Digne-les-Bains. Free parking,
                water 2-50 Euros per 100 ltrs at the Therme
                                         and a nice quiet spot
      The flag is where the Aire is and the D20
       top left hand corner goes into Digne-l-B.

 Decided that while we were here it would be a good time to find a laverie (Launderette) and do some washing. So we drove back into Digne and sussed one out that we had noticed on our way through earlier and seeing it was late afternoon decided to come back early next day. The weather had brightened up again.

                     Tuesday 3rd July.

 Got up very early to avoid locals using Laverie, managed to park almost outside the door. Using the laveries is quite expensive but when you are away for four months a necessity. Seeing as it was getting hotter by the minute we didn't bother with the tumble dryers and went back to the Aire, put up our rotary clothes line and let the sun do the biss. All washing including beds, washed, dryed and back on by three in the afternoon. Time for a cuppa and quiet evening.

                         Wed. 4th July.

 On the move. Went into Digne to a supermarche, lots of them in France, sometimes in the most out of the way places. then travelled S.W. for a few Kms. on the N85 then N.W. back up to Chateau- Arnoux-St-Auban where we pulled in for a stop.

I think what it more or less says is you can stay for 48 hours and use the facilities Gratuit  (free)  i.e fresh water and emptying of blues and greys.

  Didn't stay long and continued up the D4085 which turned into the D4075 just after Sisteron as far as Serres then  North on D1075 to just past St. Julien-en-Beauchene where we parked for the night on the side of a river.

                     Nice spot but on the side of the main road.
                                                  Bit busy.

                        Thurs. 5th July

           Continued up the D1075 past Grenoble,
Into serious mountains now, N.W. to Voiron, N.E. to Chambery, All the time looking for Aires but towns
all too busy to stop. N.East on to Albertville road
which was very busy so we went off left onto D201
which runs parallel to the main Albertville road, to
a junction near Montfambert & St.Pierre-d'Albigny
where we stopped for the night.

                                                                                                                             178 Kms

 Probably a farmers entrance to the vineyard but

    anybody who went by gave us a cheery wave.

Wherever you looked from here were mountains. Gorgeous.

                           Friday 6th July.

Nice quiet night. Drove back out onto the main road and almost into Albertville. The aire here is below a small Ville off to the right just a little way up the hill, called Conflans which, even if you don't stay it is worth a visit. Very pretty with lots of views.
       View of Albertville from the Aire, which is on the right
             as you go up to Conflans opposite the cemetry.

'and view of the Aire from the cemetry. It is also a coach park and restricted to 7 campers which is enforced by the police when it's busy but it's possible to park around the edges as long as you don't encroach on the bus park. This is a very busy aire.

Anybody who follows my Mickarchie file

knows that I like adding 'talk' balloons

to pictures. These two lovely dogs were

resting from a walk and offered me the

perfect opportunity to do so here.

While wandering around saw this pretty moth/butterfly. No expert.
Although at the beginning of this tour I said we don't make plans there were two occasions when this fell down. One was we went to Venice which was anytime on our tour and the other was for Thursday July 12th which was the Albertville mountain stage Tour de France. Not to be missed so we came here to make sure of where we were going. Although Albertville were holding a pre race weekend, information for the actual race was in short supply but we had plenty of time so went into the internet at Mc-Ds over the weekend and had a nice few days being tourists.
                     View of Aire looking towards Conflans
                     which is in the background.
Some of the
                     vans in the middleground were moved
                     by police in the morning.

                            Sat. 7th July.

 A very busy weekend in Albertville, music festival, a cycle race around the course that is the mountain stage we are watching on Thursday.This is reflected by the comings and goings of motorhomes in the Aire.

                                                                                                 Walked up to Conflans just above the Aire. My walking is quite limited so where I walk most people could follow.

  Most of the buildings had metal signs which denotes
                   the type of business going on there.