Polly & Micks G.V. 2012  
                        Page Nineteen.

While travelling in France we visit a lot of churches. In most of these the fourteen stages of the cross are displayed in different ways. At Mont-St-Odile it is with large tile plaques attached to the rocks on the walk around the base of the monastry. In other churches they are carvings, paintings, scultures and various other forms. However here at Betharram they have exceeded all these by building a small church for each station. Not obvious when you arrive but if you follow the footpath up the hill at the right of the church, all will be revealed.
This is on the main road from Lourdes and what you see when you arrive. The parking is just around the bend.
Standing at the start of the footpath this is what you see. Now just follow your nose, it is a bit of a climb but well worth the effort.
                                Inside each building is a plaque of
                                        the stage and an altar.

                           Nice views of the area
                                       as you progress upwards.

Each building has its station number on.
 Each with its corresponding plaque.
      We've reached the top as far
            as the buildings go.

                                  More views.
All in all a very nice walk and by the time we had walked back down we needed to find somewhere to park for the night but not too far away as there was more to see at the bottom. Drove a couple of Kms towards Pau to a smalll ville called Igon where we found a nice quiet car park alongside the cemetry, which was ideal.
                                                                                                 Total for the day   33Kms
                    Monday 30th July
Nice quiet spot, no bother from the locals. Weather a lot cooler but bright and cloudy. Drove back to Betharram to wander along the river and around the large buildings which I assume were the living quarters but now seem to be a hotel of some sort
                            Outside and inside the church.
         Lots of interest by the river
Spent an hour or so wandering then hit the road again. Busy, busy. On to Pau, then southwest on N134 Oleron-Ste- Marie, then north west to Navarenx, where we stopped for a break. Out of Dept. 65 into Dept. 64.