P & Ms.  G.V. 2012    Page Three.

                       Thurs. 7th June. 

 Nice bright morning.Emptied the blues and greys then went to the Laverie, (Launderette.) no not the lavvy, came back to Archie for lunch, said goodbye to the swans then hit the road.



The only planning that went into this tour was booking the ferry and deciding that we would go to Venice at some point and that came into question after the earthquakes. Also to go to Bad Waldsee, Germany, one of the bases of Hymer.This was to see the new motorhome museum, get any bits for Archie that we need and to see some friends we have made since going over there. All other plans are made on a day to day basis, while staying on site we look at a local map and see what looks interesting. You will notice if you look at a map of our journey that it can be a bit twisty sometimes and this is what makes it fun.You can be sure of one thing in France. Whichever road you take there is always something worth seeing.

Drove East out of Soissons on the N31 to Fismes then another 4Kms and turned left onto the D30 Which took us above Reims, where we hoped to find an Aire.We couldn't find it so drove south through the town onto the Epernay road to Mont Chenot and turned right on D26 to Chamery, a pretty ville in Dept 51. of the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, so most of the buildings in the ville supply or make Champagne. Here we stopped for the night.                  101 Kms

                The Aire at Chamery. Free including water. Quite a busy one but not noisy. 

                                            One of the few churches we went into that looked like a       

                                            church rather than a  cathedral 

                                                    Not particularly pretty high street. 

                                             Friday 8th June

Weather very changeable. started off wall to wall sunshine then poured with rain. Headed off towards Epernay on D951  then a few Kms before the ville we turned left onto the D1 for 7 Kms to Mareuil-sur-Ay where we stopped for a wander and a lunch break.

                                               Very pretty place on the side of a canal. The Aire here I think

                                                was free but pay for water. Will return one day and stay.

 After lunch we drove on down the D1 through Chalons-en-Champagne and on to the D61, D64, and back on to D1 to Bar-le-Duc, had no joy with Aires so looked in the book and settled for Giffaumont-Champaulbert on the bottom side of Lac-du-Der, approx 15 Kms. Southwest of St. Dizier.                                                     218 Kms

 Huge parking area for campers. One of the many free places around this part of the lake. All within walking distance of the facilities.

                                                             One of our near neighbours. 

                           Shops etc. and starting point for walks around the lake

                          A very nice bit of kit at the Vidange (emptying place for grey

                          and black water.and filling of fresh) which is also free

                          on this site. Just behind the shopping area.

                                               All sorts of watersports available

There are a couple of bridges that take you to different parts

of the  site, this one goes onto a small island that you can walk


               This one takes you to the chapel below and to the bird watching hide.  

 The bird watching hide. Sadly wrong                                        Saw a couple though.

time of year for the majority of birds.

Nice day out at a busy but not over subscribed place. Lots of nice walks around a huge lake.Ended the day by going to a nice restaurant not far from the shops, to celebrate our wedding anniversary properly with an excellent meal.