Constable Country

While we had a lull between hospital visits we decided to have an away break and as I have been a fan of John Constable for a long time and never seen his homeland we went to Deadham Vale in Suffolk for a week. A very nice area which we explored as much as you can in a short time. So here are some pics of Flatford Mill and other places we visited. Hope you like them.

               Monday 5th March


 Started off from Dorset just after 10-00 in the morning, In Archie with Smartie in tow, had a coffee stop and lunch break and arrived at Polstead Camping and Caravan Club site at 4.30 in the afternoon.


The water tower behind Archie is a good guide when you approch the site on the A 1075. We came from Sudbury direction so when you see it, drive just  past and then turn right back alongside it and the site is just past on the right. Don't follow the Google/ Sat-Nav directions or you will end up in the pub car park on the main road just past where you turn right.

               Tuesday 6th March


Went into Sudbury to do some shopping at Waitrose and look around the town. Quite a busy place, lots of cafe's and one or two nice buildings but not over impressed. It is the birthplace of Thomas Gainsborough and there is a nice statue and  probably a museum about him as well  The church is also a nice building but locked so couldn't get in. Not many pics at moment as camera seems to be on wrong setting so not very good.

Didn't stay too long at Sudbury, went in cafe for a toastie then drove on to Lavenham. This is a picturesque place with dozens of half timbered houses but the weather had detioriated by then so didn't wander but visited the church.

                                        Wed. 7th March


The weather still not brill, but went to East Bergholt to birthplace of John Constable.

After wandering through the village and visiting the church the weather being a bit dodgy we left visiting Flatford Mill to another day and had a drive out to the coast.

                            The Naze. Probably very nice when the weather is right.

                                                                   No visitors, no food.

                                Thurs. 8th March  2012

Cometh the day, cometh the weather. Going on the weather forecast we decided to go to Flatford Mill.  For anybody who doesn't know this place it's where John Constable did his most famous paintings, including the Haywain. The weather people got it right, a lovely day. Perfect.

                                                                              As it is


                                                                          As it was seen.

                                                                          Flatford Mill.

                                                                               As it is


                                                                            as he saw it.

                                                                                   As it is


                                                                         As was seen by J.C.

                                                                                       As it is


                                                                                  As he saw it.

                                                                       Now and then, ish.

                                                                  The Man, by Himself.

                         We then drove around the area and saw a few other places.

       Friday 9th March


If you turn right out of  the caravan site, walk half a mile along the road, then off to your left down a path there is a nice walk through the woods to Polstead.There and back took us about an hour and a half, including a stop in the village shop.There is a map available at the site for this walk.

Some say ugly, some say O.K. On the right day and setting I think quite photogenic, as are wind turbines.

                Sat. 10th & Sun. 11th March.

Quiet day on Saturday, took some pics of  Ledger, a lovely dog on site whose family were just as nice.


 Bury St. Edmunds